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Our First Webinar: A Resounding Success and a Look Forward

Our First Webinar: A Resounding Success and a Look Forward

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our inaugural webinar on April 24th, 2024, in partnership with Steady Rent. We're excited to share that it was a resounding success! A special thank you to all our participants for their engaging questions and insights that made the session incredibly fruitful.

Key Highlights from the Webinar

Our discussion delved deep into the innovative Owner Benefit Package™, Powered by Steady®. This session was particularly insightful for property managers looking to enhance their financial solutions and incorporate robust insurance products aimed at risk reduction and revenue growth.

**Here’s a quick recap of what we covered:**

- **Understanding the Owner Benefit Package™:** We explored how this package can revolutionize your approach to property management, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth.
- **Risk Reduction:** Our experts shared effective strategies to mitigate risks, ensuring a safer and more stable management environment.
- **Generating Ancillary Revenue:** We discussed practical ways to leverage Steady’s platform to boost your revenue streams beyond traditional means.
- **Interactive Q&A:** This segment was especially enriching as attendees had the opportunity to have their specific questions answered by experts from both PMAssist and Steady Rent.

Watch the Replay

Did you miss the live session or want to revisit some of the key points discussed? Click here to access the replay of our webinar. We encourage you to watch it at your convenience and reach out with any further questions you might have.

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

We believe in the power of community and continuous learning. If you have any questions or need further clarification on topics discussed during the webinar, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is excited to assist you in implementing these new strategies within your business. You can contact us at

For more information about Steady Rent and how they can help transform your property management services, visit their website at

Stay Tuned for More!

We are committed to bringing more insightful sessions like this in the future. Keep an eye on our upcoming events to continue enhancing your skills and knowledge in property management.

Thank you once again for making our first webinar a great success. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!