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Bringing together industry leaders and seasoned experts for impactful collaborations.

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At PMAssist, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Teaming up with industry frontrunners enables us to enhance the quality and scope of our services, allowing us to provide unparalleled solutions for property management businesses.

These following companies are ones that we trust and believe in. We hope you'll find the same with your experience.

Owner Benefits Package Logo

Steady is a leading technology platform for property managers of single-family rental homes. The Owner Benefit Package™, Powered by Steady®, offers property managers a suite of tailored financial and insurance products that are designed to reduce risk, eliminate bad debt, and generate ancillary revenue for their business.

The Owner Benefit Package™ includes the following suite of solutions:

Rent Advance™
Rental Income Protection
Legal and Re-Tenanting Expenses
Market and Asset Level Reporting
Real-Time Legislative Alerts

Want to discover the benefits of The Owner Benefit Package™ in your business?

Visit them online at or Contact Krsto Reskusic Head of Sales, (949) 702-1572,

Onsight Logo

OnSight Pros: From Property Managers, For Property Managers

Told best by James Alderson, Founder...
Back in 2005, as a fresh property manager, my priorities were rent collection, maintenance, and tenant issues. But I soon realized that regular property inspections were essential. Fast-forward to 2010, understanding the significance of safeguarding clients' major investments, I innovated a photo-centric reporting system. These comprehensive PDF reports not only standardized our process but also offered transparency and assurance to our clients.

Seeing the universal need, I launched OnSight PROS in 2011. Today, we're a nationwide service, with a dedicated team, ensuring rigorous rental property inspections. Our reports have not only fortified trust between property managers and owners but have also elevated the quality of services they provide.

At OnSight Pros, our mission is to optimize your business operations with ease. We're dedicated to supporting your property management journey.

Want to discover the magic of working with OnSight PROS?

Visit them online at
Or contact: Megan Brooks, Sales Director,

Pest share

Pest Share

Pest Share is expertly crafted to alleviate the burden of pest control, eliminating the hassles typically associated with it. This innovative solution means an end to maintenance calls, scheduling issues, and awkward discussions with tenants and owners regarding financial responsibility. Pest Share simplifies the process, ensuring a worry-free experience for all involved.

By incorporating Pest Share into your resident benefit package, you not only provide a valuable service that residents will appreciate and use, but you also gain the advantage of generating ancillary revenue. This integration not only enhances resident satisfaction but also contributes positively to your financial performance.

To talk about incorporating this incredible benefit into your benefit packages, visit Pest Share online: Pest Share .

Second Nature

Second Nature

Create an experience that residents pay and stay for with Second Nature. 1500+ property managers have done it with the industry’s only fully managed Resident Benefits Package. Our RBP conveniently bundles resident perks, making it easy to improve the lives of residents, investors, and property managers. We call this the "Triple Win."

To begin experiencing the Triple Win in your property management business, visit:

VPM Solutions

VPM Solutions

STOP looking for Remote Talent the Old Way Choose from 1000s of candidates from over 100 Countries specific to the Housing Industry.

Source, Train, Onboard, and Pay all in one place, all for FREE.

To create a free profile, follow this link .

To schedule a demo with VPM solutions directly - visit their website at

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Lead Simple


Manage More Doors With Less Stress: LeadSimple consolidates lead, process and communication management – plus coaching, content and best practices – into one easy-to-use platform for property managers. We’ve simplified the complexities of property management so our clients can now work on their business instead of in their business to grow and achieve even more than they thought possible.

To schedule a demo or start your free 14-day trial, visit

Property Meld

Property Meld

A software designed for property management professionals ready to transform their maintenance process, Property Meld offers the ability to improve oversight, increase productivity, and lower maintenance costs through data-driven decisions. From submission to follow-up, improve the maintenance experience while decreasing workload, phone calls, and time-consuming tasks.

To find out more, visit

Always There Repair Logo


provides a no-cost solution for property managers and owners to reduce late and skipped payments from residents, while also delivering unequaled property performance analytics. We integrate seamlessly to all major rent roll systems, and tailor solutions including:

A credit building solution that reports positive AND negative payments to bureaus. CredHub is the only solution that goes beyond simple positive credit reporting, pulling data from the rent roll to also report late and skipped payments.

Our unique solution plus an identity theft protection/monitoring solution that includes dark web monitoring, lost wallet protection, and access to 24/7 US based privacy advocates

These programs encourage on-time rental payments and discourage delinquent payments.

Owner / Property Management Benefits:

  • Reduce delinquency up to 50%
  • Pass through revenue to increase the bottom line
  • Reduce cost of collections
  • Bolt on system complimenting any existing software platform
  • Resident paid service to create accountability

Resident Benefits:

  • Establish credit history to get more out of life
  • Increase credit score 20-70 points
  • Gain better interest rates = increased buying and payment power
  • Finally get “credit where credit is due” for the largest monthly payment

CredHub can onboard your properties quickly and effortlessly so you can start enjoying the benefits of reduced delinquency and increased revenue, and your residents will thank you for improved credit scores. To find out more visit:

Always There Repair Logo

EZ Repair Hotline LLC offers 24/7 maintenance coordination services for property managers at competitive prices, integrating technology with live U.S. agent support. Their services include initial call handling, work order entry, troubleshooting, vendor dispatch, and emergency response, aimed at streamlining maintenance processes and improving efficiency. They promise easy setup, AI-enabled troubleshooting for various maintenance issues, and work directly within property management software. This allows property managers to focus on their core business by handling after-hours, holidays, and even daytime maintenance calls, offering a comprehensive solution for maintenance coordination needs.

For more details, visit

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