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Maximizing Your Experience At The 2023 NARPM Broker/Owner Conference

Maximizing Your Experience At The 2023 NARPM Broker/Owner Conference

Are you looking to maximize your experience at the 2023 NARPM Broker/Owner Conference? As property managers, landlords, and NARPM members, this conference is the ideal place for you to gather with other professionals in the industry, share ideas about best practices, learn from experts, and leave inspired.

With an exciting lineup of keynotes and events scheduled for this year’s conference, you can be sure that it will offer plenty of opportunities for growth and connection with others in the field.

Here are a few tips to help maximize your experience and get the most out of this incredible conference:

  1. Research & Plan Ahead: Before arriving on site, spend some time researching the various sessions and speakers available throughout the event. Create an agenda that allows you to attend sessions that are relevant to your needs so that you can take full advantage of your time there.
  2. Take Advantage Of Networking Opportunities: Take advantage of networking opportunities such as lunch or evening social gatherings; conversations with industry leaders can open up tremendous possibilities for growth within your business. Don't forget your business cards! (And if you do - you can always grab one online using a site like dot!)
  3. Stay Connected & On Time: Keep up with all program announcements by downloading the official program which will provide timely information about events, session times, speaker profiles, and much more!
  4. Capture Every Moment: Carry a notebook, pen, and other equipment needed for any activities planned during the conference, like a laptop charger or power bank for example - these items will come in handy when trying to capture every moment! Additionally, feel free to snap pics and post description using conference hashtags like #NARPM2023
  5. Foster Professional Relationships: Reach out via email after meeting your new friends at the conference thanking them for their time and sharing resources if appropriate; it shows appreciation and professionalism which can go a long way in building relationships with reputable individuals within the industry. You can even join groups on Facebook - like Convention After Dark - if you want to know what's going on after hours.

Not sure which sessions to check out? Consider attending these classes/keynotes:

  1. "Top Broker Owner Panel" with Jordan Muela from Lead Simple.
  2. "How To Make Broker-Owner Invaluable to Your Business" with Tracy Streich from Renters Place.
  3. "Create a Culture of Listening" with Heather Younger.
  4. "Using Technology to Improve Your Profits" with Todd Ortscheid from Revolution Rental Management.
  5. "The Jolt Effect" with Ted McKenna.
  6. "Service Above Self: Growing Through Giving" with Melissa Prandi from PRANDI Property Management.

Don't forget, it's the affiliates who help us keep our businesses running and efficient. Make a list of those who you already use and who you want to visit and make sure to visit the trade show to say hey!

We hope you can make the most out of your experience while attending this year's NARPM Broker/Owner Conference & Expo – Ready? Set! Go! We'll see you there!

-Todd & Abi O.